Essential Car Checks Before Going for a Road Trip

Planning to hit the road anytime soon? Well, considering the eternity that we have spent locked in our homes during the pandemic, we all are just waiting to escape to the hills. After all, what could be better than a quiet road trip to have a little fun with your family and still not violate any social distancing norms? This guide provides you with a checklist to complete car checks before going for a long road trip in your car.

Car Checks before a Road Trip

Here are a few things you must consider checking before leaving for a road trip:

Inspect the tyres

You can start the diagnosis by inspecting the tyres. The tyre pressure should be especially optimum as underinflated tyres can increase the fuel consumption and promote uneven tyre wear. Also, check the tyre tread depth. You want to refer to your manufacturer’s manual to check what should be the minimum tread depth for your tyres. Finally, check the alignment of the tyres and rotate the tyres if the vehicle has driven for more than 8,000 kms.

Fill the fuel tank

Filling the fuel tank before starting your journey could save you some time and also help you avoid halting at unfavourable locations for a fuel refill. A filled fuel tank also gives you peace of mind and reduces stress.

Check the battery date

You don’t want to halt due to a dead battery. Hence, it becomes essential to check your battery’s expiry date. If the battery is more than three years old, you want to get it tested by a mechanic.

Test interior and exterior lights

It is super essential for your car’s lights to be functioning properly. It’s not just for your convenience and safety, but it also allows other drivers on the road to know your intentions. You can test the interior lights by yourself but to test all exterior lights, you will need help from some other person. Switch on and off your headlights, beam light, indicators, and reverse light.

Check fluid levels

The engine oil is vital for appropriate functioning of the engine and to ensure that the car is running smoothly. The brake fluid also plays an inevitable role in the brake system. Also, the engine coolant functions to regulate the temperature of the cooling system. You must check the levels of all these fluids and top them up if the levels are low.

Adjust steering and suspension

Before leaving for your trip, tighten the loose steering wheel,and  check worn-out bushing or mounts. If the vehicle is bouncing or swaying, you should get it checked by a mechanic.

Emergency kit

Make sure to carry things that can save you in unfavourable situations like a tyre inflator, puncture repair kit, first-aid kit, flash light, etc. The Bosch C7 car charger comes useful for not only charging your car’s battery before the trip but it also allows you to jump start the vehicle if the battery goes dry. Other practical accessories like fast car charger, car vacuum, sun shades, car mattress, dash cam, phone mount, etc. also work to enhance your trip experience.


To conclude, there are some essential checks and things to carry when you are going on a road trip to ensure that your experience is uninterrupted and smooth. If you happen to be looking for a store of car accessory online where you can find good quality car accessories at affordable prices, then you should definitely check the collection offered by Hope this article was helpful for you and you enjoyed reading it through to the end. Have a great day ahead!

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