Why Should You Buy A Glucometer?

Do you have people with diabetes in your family? If your answer is yes and you wish to keep a check on their blood sugar levels at all times, get a glucometer. Diabetes was already known as a very harmful disease, and now, with this raging pandemic, it has proven to be more deadly than ever. So don’t waste time, but get the best glucometer in India now.


A glucometer is a small device that you use to measure your blood sugar levels. It is a user-friendly, sophisticated, and portable device that will correct your blood sugar readings within seconds. You can use it anywhere anytime, very convenient for traveling.

Monitoring the blood sugar levels is crucial as it gives the doctor all information regarding your diet, exercise, stress, medication, and everything else that might affect your glucose levels. Regular checking of blood sugar levels helps your doctors understand your condition better and plan treatment based on your needs.

Owing to the current needs, various types of glucometers are available in the market. Some basic ones just read the diabetes levels, while some advanced models also store the daily data. If you have already assumed that glucometer is an expensive device, let us tell you it’s not. In fact, it’s under the price range of 2500.

How To Choose The Right Glucometer?

Did you know that India has the highest number of diabetic patients in the world? Also, is diabetes one of the chief causes of cardiac arrest? Well, now that you do, start taking the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your family.

  • The One Your Doctor Recommends

There are multiple options available to you as there are various companies making glucometers. But most often, doctors recommend the company whose device you must get. If it comes within your budget, stick to that.

  • Price Of the Glucometer

Glucometers are not very expensive devices, and the price usually ranges between 1000 to 2500 bucks. And this might get covered in your insurance policy but remember the company does not allow pricier options than the money allotted for this.

  • Easy To Use

The testing procedures vary in every meter, for example, the amount of blood required on the strip. But always check if the numbers on the screen were readable, and how much time it takes to deliver the result, etc. You must pick the meter you were comfortable using.

  • Quick Results

We know you consider your time valuable and so getting the best glucometer in India is necessary for you. This takes only a few seconds to show the accurate blood sugar levels of your body.

  • Maintenance

It is a low-maintenance device. The test strips need to be disposed of immediately after use, and the lancet must be wiped with e dry cloth and sanitized with a sanitizer.

  • Data Storage On Device

In the long run, the previous reading records can be very helpful for treatment. So it is important to keep track of your sugar levels. Keep a notebook handy and note down the readings.

But if you travel too often or have less time to do that, get yourself a glucometer that has stored previous readings. Some very sophisticated devices can be synced with your laptop or computer, and you can directly mail the reading to your doctors. You necessity to set the date and time correctly. Easy and quick, isn’t it?

Glucometer Usage Guide

Glucometer is a user-friendly device, but the first times can be a little tricky. By following the given steps, you will be able to use your device easily. The steps are as follows:

  • Firstly keep your glucometer, test strips, lancet, and alcohol pad ready
  • You can try warming up your hands before taking the test as it makes blood flow easier. Try rubbing your palms together or use some warm water instead. Remember to dry them before testing, or the water will dilute the blood and give you an incorrect sugar count
  • Turn on the glucometer and wait for the device to indicate the time to place the blood test strips
  • Use the lancet that comes with the test strips to pierce your finger. Place the blood on the test strip, and viola, the test is done
  • Next, the glucometer will analyze and give the reading within 30 seconds. You must note down your regular results. Noting down your reading is important as it helps your doctor for further treatments.


Diabetes must not be taken lightly and must be kept in check. Do as your doctor asks you to do and keep the best glucometer in India by your side. It will help you keep track of your blood sugar levels. 

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