How to Examine Anchor Text Ratio in Your SEO Plan?

While creating the backlinks for your website, you will have to use anchor texts. The distribution of different types of anchor texts in your backlinking profile is the anchor text ratio. For example, if you are creating backlinks for the homepage of your website, you will have to use its name as the anchor text. If you are creating the backlinks for your blog post, you should use the combination of the keywords and non-keywords as the anchor texts. If you will use just keywords as the anchor text, Google will consider that you are using unnatural ways to get backlinks. This thing will decrease the ranking of your website. On the other hand, if you will ensure anchor text ratio in your backlink profile, you can get a higher ranking in the SERP through your digital marketing strategies.

Examine Different Anchor Text Categories:

When you will analyze backlink profiles of different websites, you will know that there are different categories of anchor texts. Here, we will discuss the most important categories of the anchor texts. If someone is linking your website by using its brand name, we call it a brand anchor. You can use this technique to build backlinks for the homepage of your website. Sometimes, you will have to use some generic words like ‘click here and ‘read more’ to create backlinks. We call it a generic anchor.

Instead of using the brand name of your website, you can type the complete URL of your website to get links. We call it full URL anchor text. If you are using the exact match keyword of your web page to create links, it is keyword anchor text. Some people use the combination of the website’s name and key phrase to create backlinks, we call it brand plus keyword anchor text. In some cases, we use the page title to create backlinks. It is the page title anchor text. Similarly, we can also use partial keywords, empty anchor and home URL to create the backlinks.

Examine Home Anchor Text Ratio:

While examining the anchor text ratio in your SEO plan, you will have to focus on the anchor text ratio on the homepage. If you are just focusing on the homepage backlink distribution, you will face lots of problems to increase the ranking of other pages of your website. Its ratio is different from the ratio of the other pages of your website. While creating these backlinks, you can fall 80-95% backlinks in the natural anchor group. Here, some people make a common mistake. While creating links for the home pages, they use key phrases. This thing will not provide help in the SEO of your website. Therefore, if you want to get success while creating these backlinks, you just focus on the branded or website name anchor texts.

Examine Inner-Page Anchor Text Ratio:

If you want to create backlinks for your website, you will have to focus on the unique anchor text distribution of the inner pages. In these inner pages, there come blog posts, product pages or service pages etc. While creating backlinks for inner pages, you can’t adopt an aggressive backlinking strategy just like the homepages. You will have to use different keywords to create backlinks for these kinds of pages. First, you can use the targeted keyword to create the backlinks. Secondly, you can use the keywords of other ranked pages against the targeted keywords. If you will use the same keyword to create enough backlinks, Google may penalize your website. Here, you will have to adopt the average anchor text distribution of the keywords.

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, the best way to optimize the inner-page anchor text ratio of your website is to analyze the top ten web pages that are appearing in the SERP. When you will analyze these web pages, you can prepare a list of the best key phrases that you can use to create backlinks. Moreover, when you will customize this list, you can also fulfil your individual needs. In some cases, you will have to create lots of backlinks for the higher ranking of your web page. Under such a situation, this list will not be enough and you will have to look for more pages. While looking for more pages, you will have to adopt an aggressive SEO strategy.

Examine Competitors Anchor Text Ratio for SEO:

If you want to get success while doing the SEO of your website, you should not only focus on your unique SEO strategies. You should also examine the anchor text ratio of the competitors. After finding the anchor text ratios of all the competitors, you should analyze them. During the analysis process, you should also categorize them. Based on their categories, you can make calculations about their backlinking profiles. Sometimes, you may have to face some problems in examining the manual anchor text ratio of the competitors. Under such a situation, you can use the tools. For example, SEOJet is the best tool for you. When you will use this tool, it will automatically complete this process.

What is the Importance to Mix the Anchor text?

While examining the anchor text ratios, we have to get an idea of either we are using mix anchor text strategy or not. If we are not using mix anchor text strategy, we will not get a higher ranking in Google. Its reason is that this kind of backlinking profile will look unnatural to Google. Google’s complex algorithms can easily analyze this kind of SEO strategy. After detecting this kind of unnatural SEO strategy, Google may penalize your website. No doubt, backlinks are playing a vital role in improving the SEO of a website. Therefore, we should avoid unnatural SEO strategies.

The SEO agencies and consultants have provided a clear solution to this problem. According to them, we should not use the same keywords to create various backlinks for a web page. We should create some keywords by using the same keywords. In the next keywords, we should try to use relevant key phrases. When you will use relevant key phrases to get backlinks, these key phrases will not decrease the effectiveness of the backlinks. You will have to follow a strategic method to mix these key phrases.  

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