How to play guitar for beginners step by step – 5 easy steps

The guitar is one of the most beautiful instruments and most loved of all time. People nowadays want to learn it but feel a lack of time or don’t have proper guidance to train but don’t worry. In this guide, I will tell you the simple steps in the process of learning to play guitar.

This method is designed to intend it for mature learner fifteen years old or older who has not had any
prior disclosure to the classical guitar. The only need that is required is your desire to learn, and
the patience to realize that everything being taught in steps is important in learning how to
play guitar.

Step 1: Choose the right guitar

Many people commit this mistake. They don’t choose the right guitar according to their size and their wants. There are different types of guitars. If you are a beginner, go with the acoustic guitar.

There are basically two types of Acoustic guitar. These are the classical acoustic and the Dreadnought steel string.

My suggestion is to but a classical acoustic guitar and don’t forget to check the size of the guitar that is suitable for you.

play guitar

Step: Guitar parts and how to hold the guitar

The guitar has mainly 6 parts. You must know these parts if you want to play guitar. These are Strings, Soundhole, Soundbox, Bridge, fretboard and the string keys/Machine heads.

The acoustic guitar has 6 strings with named E B G D A E according to the ascending order. Everyone must know the names of these strings.

Now the important question is how to hold the guitar?

Holding guitar correctly in the right posture is very very much important for a guitarist. You can hold the guitar in the to postitions: classical position and the regular position.

While sitting in the regular position, you put the guitar on the right leg.

The guitar is resting on the left leg in the classical position, and the foot is standing on the footstool. Choose the one which is most comfortable for you.

Step 3: Rules

Now, the important phase starts. That is, learning and practicing. The guitar is not difficult to learn if you have patience and consistency and you do practice for at least 1 hour every day. Skipping practice and being inconsistent will lead you to be felt like the guitar is hard to learn.

Schedule a fix time of minimum 1 hour everyday. Make sure it is everyday.

Build patience. It is process of learning the guitar and you can’t jumps the steps. You need to go through the steps and for that, you must have patience as it will take time.

Step 4: Learn the basics

You basic includes basic practice, finger exercises, notes and scales. Basic practice is done with the aim that your hand is always set to play guitar. Make it a habit and stick to it that whenever you grab the guitar, the first thing you do is you basic practice.

Finger exercises aim at keeping you fingers set to press strings, holding the chords correctly and building speed. Every point has an important fact. You fingers should press strings tightly in order to get the desired sound and not the buzzy sound. Holding chords correctly is like taking breaths properly. And lastly, speed is very very much important but it also differs song to song or track to track.

The note is nothing but a musical sound that expresses a particular pitch. And scale is a systematic succession of the notes. You need to learn different scales. Learning scales will give you a brief idea about the guitar’s musical theory. The basic scales are C major scale and G major scale. You can find their tutorials by clicking on the scale.

Step 5: Learning Advance

After you are done with the basics and you have good hand set on the guitar, Now you learn chords, advance scales, theory, barr chords, power chords and how to play with the song.

The song is played with the strumming patterns and the chords. Every song requires a different set of chords in order to play guitar.

Strumming pattern is basically a sequence of strumming the strings with the pick or hand that including only down strokes and up strokes.

In order to learn the complete guitar, you must learn the theory of it. In the guitar’s theory, you will learn how to find notes, the notes on the fretboard, scales’ theory, chords, how are chords formed, in depth about notes, how to find notes, scales and chords for a particular song and everything. You must focus on the theory and never ignore it.

All the best!!

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