Designing Your Resort with Color Green Made To Measure Curtains

Green is such a peaceful and relaxing color. It promotes comfort and relief. Many houses use green as their theme of their houses. However, this color is not limited to house interior designs. We can pull off this theme in designing a resort. If you are a business owner and wants to make the color green as a theme, we would like to help you out. Today, we are going to explore interior design ideas we can apply in designing the resort using green as a theme.

Without further ado, let us jump to the topic.

Green walls

Let us start with green walls. Nothing can be as peaceful and cozy as painting the wall with green. Be creative in painting. It does not mean that you will paint all walls with green, this will create a boring look for sure. Instead, mix green with other color scheme to create more spice on your walls. Just make sure that green dominate the color of the room.

Furniture in green paint

Not only with the wall, you can also paint furniture in different shades of green. This is consistency we are talking here. Green furniture complements the color of our wall. Additionally, it complements the mood we have in our villa resort. Paint the furniture with green then throw various decors in different color. And you’re good to go!

Green fabrics

Made to measure Curtains, for example, can be in a green color also or the pattern of the made to measure curtains can have a touch of green. The cushions and the rugs should also support the color of the made to measure curtains by applying the same color onto it. Seeing green made to measure curtains, green cushions and green rugs will create a relaxing vibe and a peaceful mood. Furthermore, in choosing a green fabric, do not forget about the material. In a villa resort, made to measure curtains should be light and airy. Therefore, go with natural fabrics such as cotton and flaux linen.

Green art on the wall

Incorporate the color green theme by putting a green art on the wall. It can be a famous artwork or your personal masterpiece. By this way, you create a drama to the wall. If you can’t find a green artwork, you can choose photos with green borders; it can be a photo of the villa resort and you put green borders on it. It all depends on your creativity and artistic hands.

Green details

Aside from the green made to measure curtains, you may also apply the color green theme on the smallest details of the room. For example, the color of the flower pot should have a touch of green. The color of the vanity mirror, as well as its design, should appear to have green. You see, consistency is really the key to pull off this theme.

Add on indoor plants

To complete the green theme, put on indoor plants. Indoor plants can be the most concrete thing to complement the theme of the room. It also supports the look of the villa resort. indoor plants can be placed right beside the beautifully done made to measure curtain of the window pane. Indoor plants go stunningly with the green accent walls.

Use botanical or tropical pattern and style

Patterns and styles are also important factor in completing the beauty of the room. Include botanical or tropical pattern on made to measure curtains. It can be floral or it can be all leaves. Having a made to measure curtain with such pattern will create a peaceful look of the room. In addition, a made to measure curtain that has botanical and tropical pattern reflects the beauty of the villa resort. Remember that all items such as made to measure curtains, cushions and rugs do not have to have the same pattern and design. You can explore different kinds of botanical pattern to apply.

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I hope you got ideas now on how to pull off a color green theme for your new villa resort. Remember that consistency and creativity are the secrets! ‘till next time. Bye!

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